You will be asked to select Ala Carte pricing or a Package option in your request. Ala Carte is priced by task and an estimate can be given at your request. Packages are flat rate pricing for all standard alterations needed, plus extra services included in each such as steaming and emergency kits.

Please find package details HERE  before requesting appointment. Due to the extending appointment time given for packages, you are committing to the flat rate package cost at your fitting if chosen.

There is a $25-$50 appointment fee due at booking to secure your spot on our books.
Appointment Requests


Please remember that there is a limited amount of seating for your entourage. The shop can accommodate 1-3 guests with you in our small space. Keep this in mind while you invite your loved ones to your appointments!

*Please  check our current COVID-19 Update for bringing guests*

Please leave little ones at home. A bridal and sewing shop is not a safe space for rambunctious explorers!