Hello our Beautiful Brides!

We know that the endless restrictions because of COVID since last year have been tiresome and obnoxious. We humbly ask that you bear with us as we continue to work through this. Since we have limited seamstresses for everything, we are going to lean towards the higher safety measures. So far we've stayed healthy! 

Please keep in mind the following for your appointments so we can all stay safe and keep these weddings going!

- Please limit your guests to two or less adults. They'll need to learn the bustle if you have one. 

- We humbly request masks worn for all individuals, regardless of vaccination record. As studies show any of us can spread viruses regardless, we would rather stay on the safe side and make a blanket rule. We don't want to be the source of anyone getting sick right before their big day!!

Staff will also wear them while with clients. We will allow pictures without masks when distancing can be observed.


- Sanitation is still in full swing. We will be disinfecting furniture and surfaces between each appointment. We also provide hand sanitizer for your convenience. If you happen to come when another bride is in the shop, please let us know and wait in the lobby until we have been able to disinfect between clients.


- If you have been sick, been around someone who has been sick, or been in contact or tested positive for COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment. There is no penalty for doing so and we greatly appreciate it. 


Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate our first worldwide pandemic during a busy bridal season. 


The Stellula Team