June 19th Update

Stage 4 Guidelines:

  1. We request only having brides at the initial fitting. One guest is recommended for your final appointment/pick up to show the bustle and enjoy your moment. All the following guidelines will also apply to them. If they refuse they will be asked to sit outside and may join us in celebrating you through the window at the end of the appointment. We are happy to assist with Video Calls or photos for those family members or friends who feel unsafe coming to your appointment.

  2. ALL clients will be required to wear a mask during the appointment. Staff will also be wearing masks to help limit exposure to any unknown carriers. Please contact us if you cannot find a mask to wear or need resources on where to get one.

  3. ALL clients will be asked to wash their hands or sanitize before the appointment starts.

  4. Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands with staff.

  5. We will be temporarily only be accepting card payments or online payments via invoice. No cash or checks will be accepted for now.

  6. Please wait outside if another bride is still in her appointment. We are sanitizing the space between each client.


Please reschedule your appointment if you have felt sick or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick in the last 14 days. We would really like our seamstress to stay healthy and able to provide service to all our clients.


We also want to remind you of a couple key points in our normal policy that is still applicable regardless of the pandemic.

  • Stellula has always reserved the choice to accept rush orders or not. This includes additional alterations requested from changes in size after alterations have been completed.

    • We will not be able to promise accommodation for size changes while we have all been in quarantine. Please be aware that we will hold our clients accountable for maintaining the size we pinned and measured at their last appointment.

    • We cannot accept rush orders at this time for changed wedding dates. If you are planning on moving your date up, please let us know and we will provide recommendations on other seamstresses that may be able to accommodate.

  • A deposit of 65% or more is required to start any work.

    • We know it has been a rough month for all of us, but we cannot change this policy, especially at this difficult time.

  • We normally have a storage fee for gowns being left at the shop longer than 7 days past being finished. For 2020, this storage fee will be waived given the circumstances. If you feel unsafe attending your appointment or have changed your date and wish to leave your gown in our care until you can retrieve it, please let us know and we are happy to do so.