How Much Is A Custom Gown?

Since every person is unique, and the gown they choose is unique, there's no clear answer to this question. Price is charged on a basis of labor hours and supply costs. A standard wedding gown for example starts at a $800 base price for a custom pattern and a base labor fee. Fabric choices, design details, and structure requirements are some of the elements that can raise that cost. Stellula does offer free quotes and consultations for each client!

How Much Time Is Needed For A Custom Gown?

To create a custom wedding gown takes about as much time as ordering a gown from a boutique. 6 months from start to finish is the standard requested time frame. This ensures time to create a mock gown for fitting, order the necessary swatches and fabric, construction time, and time for various fittings. Other custom gowns can take 2+ months depending on difficulty. Set up a consultation today to find out how long your gown should take!

How Many Sizes Can I Change My Vintage Gown?

Many vintage gowns come in smaller sizes than we wear today, so many of them need to be sized up. In sizing up I will work with you on options from adding side/back panels to building a new gown from the existing materials. Please do not be discouraged by the size of your original gown!

What If I Need Something Sooner?

Please respect my schedule and know that if I can accommodate something faster, I will. Shorter time frames may incur a rush fee.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Each appointment is important for your gown and will be scheduled when we begin your gown. The first appointment is mainly a consultation to draw up and decide details of your gown as well as picking fabric. The following one or two fittings will be with a muslin mock up of your gown for fitting to transfer to the main pattern. From there will be a minimum of three fittings as your gown is being constructed. It is important to bring the proper undergarments and shoes to EVERY appointment!

For alterations clients, a standard 2-3 appointments are to be expected including the initial fitting.

How Much Time Is Needed For Alterations?

Alterations need to be started 6-8 weeks before your wedding. More difficult alterations like reconstruction, size discrepancies, and Modesty Fills can require a longer time to accomplish as they require more fittings. You can always contact Stellula to determine the best time frame for your particular gown.

Once a gown is taken in at the first appointment, it goes into a schedule based on when it was received. I ask for up to 4 weeks to work on your gown, but you will be notified as soon as it is finished to schedule a pick up date. Most gowns are at the shop for 2-3 weeks between appointments. If specialty fabric needs to be ordered, you'll be notified to any extended time needed to get supplies in for your specific gown. 

Do You Alter Regular Clothing?

I do offer alterations for Bridal Gowns. I do not offer alterations for everyday clothing, formals, or bridal parties at this time due to storage limitations. I specialize in adding sleeves or modesty fills, restyling, or other more difficult alterations.

How Much Are Alterations?

Bridal gown alterations vary by gown, as each one is different and each bride is unique. My fee is a 65% deposit at the first appointment. Each client is given an estimate of how long/how much it will take to do the alterations needed. They can also request to be notified IF, while working on the gown, trouble arises and additional time will be needed/charged. Average price tends to run $250-$400 for standard size adjustments. Details like lace and beading can be on the higher end.

What If I Gain Or Lose Weight?

Measurements will be taken at the first appointment, if your size changes between appointments and additional alterations are required, there will be a charge. A rush fee will only be added if the additional alterations need to be done within 10 days of the event.

Can You Dye A Gown?

​Yes! I can dye gowns. It is a complicated process and you will need to contact me directly to discuss and to find out if this is something that is encouraged with your gown.