Being prepared for your fitting appointments is very important for the fit of your gown! Please come prepared so that our appointment can run smoothly and on time!

  • Shoes

    The exact shoes you plan to wear on your big day! Keep in mind that if you are changing shoes during your event, you will want to hem your gown to the shoe you will be walking down the aisle in!

  • Shapewear

    Any special undergarments you plan to wear with your gown. This includes bras, shapewear, and corsets! For the best fit, these things need to be brought to every appointment!

  • Sentiments

    Any special tokens or sentiments you’d like added to your gown. (Examples: Fabric from father’s shirt to stitch in a heart, an embroidered patch with your wedding date on it, lace from a special relative’s wedding gown…)

  • Deposit

    Your deposit! Stellula will not begin custom work or take possession or responsibility for ANY gown without a deposit being paid at the first appointment! Please refer to our policies and fees for more information. An estimate can be provided by Heather before your fitting.

  • Garment Bag

    A garment bag to protect your gown while it is at the shop. A garment bag can also be purchased for $10 at your first appointment. Garment bags are included in the price for custom gown orders.

  • Accessories

     Other items such as veils or belts that you’d like changed or added to your gown.


Please remember that there is a limited amount of seating for your entourage. The shop can accommodate 1-3 guests with you in our small space. Keep this in mind while you invite your loved ones to your appointments!

*Please  check our current COVID-19 Update for bringing guests*

Please leave little ones at home. A bridal and sewing shop is not a safe space for rambunctious explorers!