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Extra Services

Now offering steaming, spot cleaning, and helpful extras to make your gown experience that much more convenient! We strive to be the least stressful part of your wedding preparation.

Wedding Dress

Steaming | $65-$170

We steam each layer to make sure your gown is runway ready for you. Hung to help reduce wrinkling in the bag. Veil steaming included at no extra cost with gown steaming. Pricing ranges $65-$170 dependent on layers.


Spot Cleaning | $50

Spot cleaning is often necessary for sample gowns purchased off the rack or previously loved gowns. We can remove several types of stains (spray tan, makeup, blood, sweat...), but please consult us if there's significant cleaning concerns. We are not a dry cleaner.


Emergency Bag | $45

A cute zippered bag full of bridal gown necessities! Items include: *Fashion tape, cleaning wipes, *custom sewing kit, *crochet hook, and *static spray or *Lint Roller.

*These items can also be purchased individually


Bead/Thread Check | $25-$100

We will go over every inch of our gown to make sure every loose thread and bead are tied down or clipped to make sure your gown looks 100%!


Total Package Service | $250

This is our full service package where we pull out all the stops to make sure your gown is pristine for your wedding day.

Service includes:

  • Steaming of gown, no upcharge for size

  • Spot cleaning as necessary

  • Bead/Thread check

  • Minor Repair work (snags, loose lace, frayed lace, etc...)

  • Hook & Eye reinforcement/replacement

  • Emergency Bag

Just A Head's Up

Extra services listed above need to be requested and paid for at minimum 48 hours before pick up date of gown. 

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