Policies & Fees

Effective 2021

All alterations and custom design work is performed at a standard rate of $60/hour, which includes basic supply costs and labor.


There is a one time $50 fitting fee for all Bridal fittings, paid at booking. All following appointments, for the duration of the work, are covered by this fee. This fee is included in the total cost given at the time of pick up. A consultation fee of $25 is applied separately for an in person consultation appointment, for the extra time provided. A free virtual consultation/estimate is available.

Any appointment fees are nonrefundable for no-shows or cancelations less than 30 days from appointment.


Price will be estimated by Stellula at the first fitting, after alterations are discussed with the client. (Any estimates given beforehand will be respected but could be subject to change upon inspection of the garment). Any additional, new alterations requested after the initial fitting will increase the time required to complete the project and will be charged accordingly.  Client can request to be notified if labor time is expected to exceed previously priced amount, and if there will be any additional charges to accommodate this.


Stellula strives to give the most accurate price based on experience. Unknown brands/designers can, however, have unconventional construction and may lead to additional work time. Client will be notified of any additional charges, if any, or additional appointments needed.


A non-refundable 65% deposit is required to start any work. The remaining balance will be due when work is completed, before the garments may be taken home. Client forfeits any potential refund if taken to another seamstress after alterations are complete and signed off on.


Turnaround time will be discussed with the client at the first fitting and is dependent on season. Alterations are recommended to start 8 weeks before the wedding. In addition to the alteration’s charges, rush fees will be required on all work requiring a shorter turn around than usual, including accommodations of unexpected size changes that occur after the initial fitting and additional alterations requests.


Rush fee for bridal gown alterations is $200. Rush fees are applied to any turn around accepted shorter than the standard turn around.


Stellula issues appointment reminders via text and email. Clients are responsible for knowing and attending all appointments, regardless of whether reminders are received.  Clients who need to reschedule will be responsible for setting a new appointment within 2 days from original appointment.


There is $25 inconvenience Fee for reschedules occurring less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.  Your missed appointment means a missed opportunity for another client to work with Stellula - please be respectful of our time and others.


Specialty fabrics and design elements (i.e. lace, colored fabrics, appliqués, etc.) will be charged at actual cost, and are not included in the alterations/design fees.  All options and costs will be reviewed with the client and must be approved before they will be purchased.  


Stellula is not responsible for steaming and cleaning of gowns.  Any desired steaming or cleaning is charged and needs to be requested at least 48hrs before pick up date.


Stellula Designs takes great care to safeguard your garments, but is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss.


Stellula Designs is unable to provide extended storage for finished projects. Items left for storage up to 7 days after completed pick up date will incur a $50 storage fee. Items that have not been picked up within 14 days of final appointment will be considered abandoned, will become property of Stellula Designs, and will be donated to the charity of our choice. Client will forfeit any payments made on an item in this case. All measures will be used to contact client to arrange pick up of item.


Stellula Designs is available to answer all questions via text, email, or Facebook.